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FIL 2023 Program



Awards and Prizes FIL Literary Award in Romance Languages Tribute to Raúl Padilla López Publishing Merit Award Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize José Luis Martínez Bibliophile tribute Librarian Tribute Tribute to La Catrina Caricature ArpaFIL Tribute National Fernando Benítez Tribute to Cultural Journalism Collaboration Prizes


European Union, Guest of Honor Literary Program FIL Forum Shows Visual Arts Performing arts Film series


FIL Literature Opening of the Carlos Fuentes Literary Lounge Friends of the FIL Award Latin America Viva The Pleasure of Reading Galas International Storytellers Conference The long arm of the crime novel Sci-Fi and the new futuristic narratives The Poetry Room ¡Al ruedo! Eight Mexican talents A slow-burn process: from book to film How to create a literary character? Destinação Brasil To name Central America Tribute to Álvaro Mutis Catharsis between books and letters Chilean Literature Gothic and boreal stone: Nordic poetry in Latin America We were born for seed: an approach to the current Colombian literature Paradise and chaos. Norwegian literature Black humor and tragicomedy in literature Contemporary literature from Quebec Galician Literature Poesía georgiana contemporánea Started as a Story and Ended as a Novel. The Art of Narrating Latin art and literature. Philos magazine From the valley to the mountain, from the mountain to the river. One hundred years of Manuel Mejía Vallejo Writing with the present: archives, borders and bodies Conversation with Teodoro González de León Tribute to Ignacio Solares, the novelist of the invisible International Caricature and Cartoon Meeting Conference of Literature in Native Languages Conversation between Sergio Ramírez and Pepa Bueno Stars next to the moon, literature. Rulfo, Garro, Arreola (1953-2023) Cuadernos de Granada: notes on the crossover between English and Spanish in Canadian literature Between Quebec, the United States and Mexico, the queer and the indie in the three friends International Forum on Hispanic Language and Literature


FIL Science Exploring the invisible universe: particle physics Redefining reality: the impact of new technologies on daily life Neurodiverse minds in literature From the music to the European Quantum Manifesto Adventures in particle physics How to get along with numers? Science and literature ABCs of quantum computation Comunication of science The future of quantum computing Climate change Vacunov, the orphan Scientific diplomacy Myths and facts about cancer Planetary and chemical formation of the galaxies Should we fear artificial intelligence? Of revolutions and stars: Copernicus five centuries later Vaquita: urgent protection The art, science and consciousness of predicting What is CERN? Women in IA Intelligent emotions: the neuroscientific perspective Eight legs and a thousand secrets. Discovering the spiders' world Astronomy Universe and Society Colloquium Why study the tiny?


FIL for Young People One Thousand Young People with Coral Bracho, FIL Award in Romance Languages 2023 One Thousand Young People with Elia Barceló One Thousand Young People with Jordi Sierra i Fabra One Thousand Young People with Jorge F. Hernández One Thousand Young People with Andrés Oppenheimer Mafalda, the comic that changed the world Eloy Moreno: from the imagination to paper Living together, but at what cost: how to make finances work as a couple BookTok: the book-loving community on TikTok The culture of roomies: how to become independent and not die trying From alpha males to men of the future. How to build new masculinities? LGBTQI+ Literature, a basic guide to diversify your bookshelf Embracing my trans adolescence. Identities without labels with Frida Cartas Award Ceremony of the 2023 FIL Youth Literary Creators Contest Award Ceremony of the Letters to the Author Contest to Nathalie Bernard Mar Adentro Debate National Booktube Meeting 2023 Forum of Literary Readers and Creators Children's and Youth Literature bridge of Ibero-America


Book signing


Forums and Conferences


Book Presentations


Presentaciones de libros para niños


Comic and Graphic Novel Hall


Libros al Gusto Activities program


Activities for Professionals FILustra Annual International Publishing Design Forum Annual International Booksellers Forum International Forum of Editors and Book Professionals - IP Key e-book area activities program Independent Publishers meeting Translation day, Mexican Association of Literary Translators, AC Reading Promoters Conference. Books and Technology Illustrators’ Program University and Academic Publishing Program Special activities for professionals Annual International Translation and Interpretation Conference “San Jerónimo” Activities for professionals from the European Union, Guest of Honor Reunión Ordinaria de la AMBAC


FIL Niños


Special events Cátedra Latinoamericana Julio Cortázar Award ceremony and academic forum (STAUdeG) STAUdeG Political-Union Forum International Seminar on Art Criticism Foro las TIC en las IES Literary Activities for Elderly People Más allá de la visión Collection of poems in braille British Council presentation Atlas de política cultural para el desarrollo sostenible Bibliorefri