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FIL 2021 Program



Awards and Prizes FIL Literary Award in Romance Languages Publishing Merit Award Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize Bibliophile tribute Librarian Tribute Tribute to La Catrina Caricature ArpaFIL Tribute National Fernando Benítez Tribute to Cultural Journalism Collaboration Prizes


Peru, Guest of Honor Literary Program Guest of Honor Pavilion FIL Forum Shows Visual Arts Performing arts Film series


FIL Literature Opening of the Literary Lounge by Margo Glantz European Literature Festival Annual International Storytellers Conference The Pleasure of Reading Gala Friends of the FIL Award 2021 The Poetry Program Conversation on Como polvo en el viento Lightning La llama inmortal de Stephen Crane Current literature from the Caribbean Una rosa sola Twenty years is nothing. Juan José Arreola among us Independencia Spanish in America: from a language of conquest to a language of heritage Literature from Israel Chilean poetic dialogue Let's talk about sex and literature, with Noemí Casquet Destinação Brasil Witches and modern Literary constellations: Granta and Hispano-American Notebooks in the transatlantic conversation Black sheep? The uncomfortable in literature French literature Georgian Literature Literature, music and rebellion: a conversation with Uxue Alberdi Catalonia Literature in Quebec: a duty of memory Native writers La última flecha The world in 100 Words: citizen participation through writing International Forum of Hispanic Language and Literature


FIL Science Hope in action, with Jane Goodall Para pequeñas criaturas como nosotros Science popularization Black holes Elementum y el gran robo de Naurú / El murciélago que la lio parada: Apocalipsis covid-19 y otros virus The power of algorithms Who's Afraid of the Periodic Table? Let's talk about mental health The Ideas Collider Architecture and health in a post-covid world Absurd Matter with Big Van Ciencia Extraterrestrial Conspiracy Theories with Big Van Ciencia Rebuilding worlds: real and imaginary maps Scientific Culture Colloquium International Astronomy Colloquium


FIL for Young People One Thousand Young People with Diamela Eltit, FIL in Romance Languages Award One Thousand Young People with Camila Sosa Villada They: an x-ray of the trans world Talk: #Affective responsibility: digital fashion or a healthier form of love? Let's talk about grief, with Gaby Pérez Islas National Booktube Meeting 2021. Rewriting the future FIL Young Literary Creators Competition 2021 Short stories in heels. Inclusive stories by Drag Queen Story Hour Award Ceremony for the Letters to the Author Competition, inspired by Salvajes , by Antonio Ramos Revillas One Thousand Young People with Alberto Montt One Thousand Young People with Javier Santaolalla Hello, my name is Ryan. The story of a trans man Talk between Miguel Gane and Benito Taibo 10 years out of the ordinary 20 years of Cartas al autor One Thousand Young People with Laura Restrepo


Book signing


Forums and Conferences From wall to wall 2021 On this left? Or the other? Seminar of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation Meeting of Government and Civil Society International Seminar on Corruption and Politics in Latin America: Weights without Counterweights Mankind after the shipwreck Towards a post-neoliberal order: a constructive dialogue The Conquest, plural visions Conversation: women in the struggle for land Prospects for the 2022 mandate revocation process Education for Deaf Culture The anti-enlightenment. Denialist, Anti-Vaccine, and Conspiracyist Movements Around the World Hugs, bullets, etc ... The silent militarization of Mexico in progress How dare you! Compliance with Mexico's environmental commitments


Book Presentations


Presentaciones de libros para niños


Comic and Graphic Novel Hall


Activities for Professionals Annual International Translation and Interpretation Conference “San Jerónimo” Annual International Publishers and Professionals Forum Annual International Publishing Design Forum Annual International Booksellers Forum Annual International University and Academic Press Forum Illustrators’ Program The Arab connection: preparation ahead Sharjah as Guest of Honor 2022 Arab Book Market Presentation


FIL Niños


Special events Ópera Pagliacci by Ruggero Leoncavallo Al pie del Támesis Medals and recognition to the talent and creativity of the academics of the University of Guadalajara (StaudeG) Historias musicales del barrio cósmico Seminar: “El espejismo de la mayoría” Freedom to Publish Forum: "The new reality of work in times of the pandemic" Information and Communication Technologies in the Superior Education Institutions