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Creating readers

The Pleasure of Reading Galas

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This program has allowed readers to come into direct contact with poets, narrators, short story writers and lovers of literature who in a simple and casual way speak about their experience as readers while, at the same time, becoming guides for a wide segment of the reading population that feels adrift in the immense world of literature.

Now in its eighteen year, more than 160 writers have stepped on this stage. Each one of them has had the opportunity to chat with the public in a relaxed and intimate environment about the books that have been with them throughout their lives.

The Pleasure of Reading is, above all, a program to encourage reading that also seeks to spread the love for books among the public that each year attends FIL.


For further information contact:

Coordinator of Young Adult Programming, Daniela Ascencio at the phone number (+52) 33 3810 0331, ext. 937