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Readers Present

FIL Guadalajara is today one of the most important platforms for presenting literary novelties in Spanish. Each year, 550 new titles are presented on average.

With this in sight, and the purpose of creating a new public for books, the reading promotion project Readers Present was created in 2003. This format summons people with different sociocultural backgrounds (housewives, students, professionals, etc.) that are chosen randomly and invited to read one of the literary novelties that will be presented during FIL, some even before they are out of the printer, in order to later share their thoughts with the author and the public that attend the presentation. A title suitable for all audiences, an author willing to chat with his or her readers and a publishing house open to creative ways of presenting its literary novelties are the main ingredients for the program.

The result of this mix is a presentation where the public can feel strongly identified with the presenters, common readers as themselves, who also become the best promoters of the book.


Authors who participated in:

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Coordinator of Young Adult Programming, Daniela Ascencio at the phone number (+52) 33 3810 0331, ext. 937