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Latinoamérica Viva

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Since its inception 31 years ago, the Guadalajara International Book Fair has sought to serve as a platform for a diverse array of voices in Spanish language literature. As part of this commitment, the FIL introduced the cycle of events known as Latin America’s 25 Best Kept Secrets during its 25th year. Such was its success among both audiences and book professionals that the Latinoamérica Viva program continued the following year and will be celebrating its fifth year in 2017.

One hundred and four authors participated in this literary program during its first three years. These voices represented 104 authors who sought readers beyond the borders of their countries; 104 ways of interpreting the Latin American reality; 104 whispers, 104 cries and 104 invitations to immerse yourself in this dense river of Latin American voices. Latinoamérica Viva brings together established and new writers from several countries driven by the idea that it is possible to tear down the barriers the market imposes on Latin American literature.


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Latin American programs and Guest of honor, Araceli López at the phone number (+52) 33 3810 0331, ext. 921