FIL Program

FIL 2019 Program


Awards and prizes FIL Literary Award in Romance Languages Publishing Merit Award José Luis Martínez Bibliophile Tribute Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize Librarian Tribute National Fernando Benítez Tribute to Cultural Journalism Tribute to La Catrina Caricature Collaboration Prizes


India, Guest of honor Literary Program Shows at FIL Forum Visual Arts Film Festival Activities at the Indian Pavilion


FIL Literature Opening of the Literary Lounge by Luisa Valenzuela Annual International Storytellers Conference Al ruedo Eight mexican talents European Literature Festival Non-fiction literature conference Destinação Brasil Talk: "We also talk about sex" 100 years for mexican shortstory Friends of the FIL Award The Pleasure of Reading Gala The Poetry Program Latin America Viva To name Central America Tribute to Miguel León-Portilla Teatro náhuatl. Prehispánico, colonial y moderno, of Miguel León-Portilla India and its contrast Reading. Meeting of winners of the Indigenous Literatures of America Prize Literature in native american languages Chilean Literature Costa Rican literature: from happy awareness to the narrative of the crisis Summer of 19 in Puerto Rico: the word on the street Literature of Galicia Literature of South Korea Contemporary Literature from Quebec Literature in Portuguese language Narrate the periphery


Forums and Conferences Octavio Paz in India Gandhi and civil disobedience From wall to wall Seminary: "Peace: visions, strategies, battles": In our table there are no walls . Las Patronas and the humanitarian commitment Annual International Humanist Conference Memory Recaptured: Disputes over the Past International Seminar on Government and Civil Society International Cultural Policies Symposium Conference: “500 years from the arrival of Hernán Cortés” United States-Mexico Diplomatic Relations Conversation International Network for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Gender-based violence Annual International Play-Writing and Comics Conference El País Panels Annual International Journalists’ Conference Cultural Journalism Forum Health at the Crossroads of Mexico "This is my place" The world in womens key Building bridges in times of walls Ethinomics: Reflections on the moral issues of global capitalism. Are there other ways of thinking about it? Footprints of Death and Anthropology OCDE Forum Secretary of Culture activities


Popular Science Writing Activities Master Conference Conacyt Panel: " Public science committed to the society and the environment." Conacyt ProNaCe Structural Violence Conference: "Dignified death" Who in Earth was Humboldt? Talk: "Transformative Technology: From Your Kitchen to Science Fiction" Talk: “ Is everything science? Everything is science! Telling science at the time of whatsapp stickers" Woman is science Coference: “How to lose the fear to the numbers” The route of science Conference: “Know your brain” Talk: “Scientific answers to freak questions” Conference: "The Higgs Boson and the Mystery of Mass" Conference: "At the Foot of the Templo Mayor of Tenochitlan" Conference: “The use of venom in literature” Talk: “Black holes and gravitational waves. A deep look to the Universe” Conference: “Zero is not a walking zero” Conference: “The stars: cosmic kitchens” Conference: "The brain for beginners" Conference: “We are going to the moon. Mission: Circumnavigation of the Moon" Talk: “Another day without using the least common multiple” Conference: "Does English Rule in Science? " Conference: “Darwin and his remaining tasks” For a nerdier México Scientific Culture International Colloquium International Astronomy Symposium: Let's celebrate astronomy!


Book presentations


Presentaciones de libros para niños


Comic and Graphic Novel Hall


Libros al Gusto Libros al Gusto activities program


FIL for Young Adults One Thousand Young People with Antonio Muñoz Molina One Thousand Young People with David Huerta, FIL Award One Thousand Young People with Margo Glantz One Thousand Young People with Élmer Mendoza One Thousand Young People with Ángeles Mastretta One Thousand Young People with Antonio Lazcano We are readers. We are booktubers contest 2019 Master Conference: "Insults and bad words of yesterday and today" Talk: "Creative writing in the times of Wattpad" Talk: "Femminism for Centennials" Talk: "Poetry as trending topic in literature" Finances for the youths with Sofía Macías Talk: "(Re)making love: new relationships and other ways to feel close" Award Ceremony for the FIL Young Literary Creators Competition 2019 Award Ceremony for the Letters to the Author Competition National Booktuber Meeting Echoes of FIL


FIL Niños


Activities for Professionals FILustra International Publishing Design Forum Annual International Publishers And Book Professionals Forum Annual International Translation and Interpretation Conference “San Jerónimo” Beyond Translation: A Dialogue Among Translators About Publishers, Editors and Readers The Role of the Translator in the Publishing Industry: Individual Performance and Teamwork Workshop: Behind (and Beside) Authors: the Work of a Literary Agent Inside the secret world of literary scouts, or why (good) information is everything Practical Marketing Strategies for Academic Publishers Marketing Strategies to Help Trade Publishers Stand Out from the Crowd International Librarians Colloquium Panel of Support Programs for Translation and Publication Publishing Markets Presentations Creative Writing Workshop: Women’s Fiction University Press Program


Academic Activities Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation Seminar International Meeting of Social Sciences International Relations Seminar International Forum on Migration and Development ASPEN-FIL Seminar Climate Risk in Urban Environments Arpa FIL International Colloquium on Biodiversity, Natural Resources and Society and Nature We will always have Paris International Congress on Comunication and Society Democratic Culture Symposium International Symposium on Educational Research Philological Research Forum México-India Historic Symposium Annual International Meeting of Jurists Art Criticism Symposium Master conference of the Seminar on Teaching Foreign Languages Annual International Meeting of Gender Studies FIL-Sofía Banquet International Forum of Hispanic Language and Literature Forum International Migration Processes in Mexico, advances and challenges International Colloquium Dialogues on Interculturality The Valley of Mexico as a region


Special events Presentation Panel TEXTO Yoga Seminar: The Scope and Importance of Yoga in Today’s World National Syndicates Meeting (StaudeG) Award Ceremony to Recognize Talent and Creativity Among Academics at the University of Guadalajara Mar Adentro Debate Exhibition “Building Bridges in an Era of Walls: Chicano Art. Mexican from Los Angeles to Mexico” Literary Activities for seniors Activities of Letras para Volar


Book signing