FIL Program

FIL 2018 Program

Awards and prizes FIL Literary Award in Romance Languages Publishing Merit Award José Luis Martínez Bibliophile Tribute Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize Librarian Tribute ArpaFIL Tribute National Fernando Benítez Tribute to Cultural Journalism Tribute to La Catrina Caricature Collaboration Prizes


Portugal, Guest of honor Literary Program Activities at the Portugal Pavilion Visual Arts Film Festival Shows at FIL Forum Performing arts


FIL Literature Opening of the Carlos Fuentes Literary Lounge Tribute to Juan José Arreola. Three voices: Fernando del Paso, Orso Arreola y Sara Poot European Literature Festival Destinação Brasil Tribute to José Luis Martínez Annual International Storytellers Conference Tribute to Sergio Pitol Polyphonic reading of the Winners of the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize Chronicle Encounter Crime Novel Conferences: A trip through contemporary noir Into the arena. Eight novel Mexican writers Friends of the FIL Award Mary Shelley's Frankenstein The Pleasure of Reading Gala The Poetry Program Latin America Viva To name Central America Literature in Native American Languages Caribbean displacements: reconstructions of race, gender and literature in Puerto Rico Chilean Literature Paraguayan Literature. The Challenges of Narrating from a Ocean-Less Island Venezuelan Literature Presentation of the VI Central American Prize Short Story Carátula Award Aragon Literature. Eroticism and crime Galician Literature Contemporary Literature from Quebec Workshop: "Escribir los sentidos" Talk: "What on earth does a linguist do?"


Forums and Conferences Relevance of Carlos Fuentes political thinking, 90 years after his birth Awareness Journey Saramago's Political Memory Nicaragua today: Dialogue between Gioconda Belli and Sergio Ramírez International Humanist Conference From wall to wall Beyond North America Culture as a transforming agent: towards a culture of peace and social equity The 68, when the world changed Colegio Nacional Sessions El País Panels Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation Seminar Prisciliano Sánchez Federalist forum Forum: What (not) to do The challenges of education in Mexico against the new educational agreement #MeToo Food and environment: non-exclusive human rights From the electoral triumph to the fourth transformation Journalism, nevertheless Symposium with the winner of the Gabriel García Márquez Award for excellence in journalism 2018 #Fake News. A new way of censorship? Trolls and Bots to attack Annual International Journalists’ Conference Annual International Play-Writing and Comics Conference Forum: We will always have Paris What Huberto Batis gave us Happy body. Stories of women and revolutions Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OCDE) Forums of the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH) Symposium about disappearances (CNDHJ) What does it mean to give an answer to the need to know of the relatives of the disappeared persons? International Urbanism Forum Urba-FIL 2018 International Forum of TvMorfosis Television Mexico City Government Activities Inheritance of a sexennium: simulation and displacement. Violence against women journalists 2012-2018


Book presentations


Presentaciones de libros para niños


Popular Science Writing Activities Conacyt Magisterial Panel "Knowledge that transforms" Conacyt Magisterial Panel "The flavor of science" Master Conference, Nobel Prize George Smoot Master Conference: "The brain responses to stress: It's all about balance" Conference: "Can neuroscience clarify the enigmas of the mind?" Master Conference: "The harmony of numbers through history" Conference: "Language, herbs and ancestral stimulants from América to the world" Big Van Ciencia monologues Conference: "Two Mexican neuroscientists in Portugal" Ciencia Clip contest Conference: "Science in the kitchen" Conference: "Chocolate: science and history of the food of the Gods" Conference: "Chilli science: capsaicin, tiny but spicy" Conference: "Bats, agave and mezcales" Conference: "Can life be created in a laboratory?" Talk: "Scientific books for dummies" International Astronomy Symposium Scientific Culture International Colloquium


Activities for Professionals Annual International Translation and Interpretation Conference “San Jerónimo” Seminar: Translation of Books: Planning and Performance in a Career of Great Inspiration International Forum for Publishers and Professionals Workshop: The Audiobook Market in Latin America 7th Annual FILlustrates Annual University and Academic Press International Forum International Publishing Design Forum Workshop: Paper Museums: Designing Coffee Table Art Books Editamos / Caniem Presentation Panel of Support Programs for Translation and Publication Workshop: Imagining the Publishing Companies of Tomorrow Workshop: What makes a publishing concept? Workshop: Behind (and Beside) Authors: the Work of a Literary Agent Presentations on the Publishing Market Children’s Literature: is it just for kids?


Comic and Graphic Novel Hall


FIL for Young Adults One Thousand Young People with Ida Vitale, FIL Award One Thousand Young People with Big Van Who in earth was Darwin? One thousand young people with José Feijó One Thousand Young People with Gioconda Belli Somos Lectores. Somos booktubers 2018 Award Ceremony for the FIL Young Literary Creators Competition National Booktuber Meeting 2018 Award Ceremony for the Letters to the Author Competition Poetry in the Digital Era Talk: "Looking for great characters" Conference: "Around science fiction in 60 minutes" Talk: "I don't want to be a f***ing prince charming" Talk: "If porn is a movie, then what is the reality?" Transgender talk: Camila tells her story


FIL Niños Workshops from 3 to 6 years Workshops from 7 to 9 years Workshops from 10 to 12 years Music Puppets Theatre Clown Narrators Special events


Libros al Gusto Libros al Gusto


Book signing


Academic Activities International Meeting on Social Sciences International Symposium on Comunication and Society International Symposium on Educational Research Democratic Culture Symposium Philological Research Forum Annual Meeting of Gender Studies History Colloquium México-Portugal International Philosophy Banquet Annual International Meeting of Jurists Art Criticism Master Conference of the Seminar on Teaching Modern Languages International Colloquium on Biodiversity, Natural Resources and Society Transnational regions: borders and discontinuous spaces Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales Presentations of the Mexican Computing Academy International Colloquium Educational Reforms and Social Recognition International Colloquium: Dialogues on Interculturality Forum: Information and communication technologies in higher education institutions, third edition International Forum of Hispanic Language and Literature International Aspen FIL Seminar 200 years of Marx Forum: Water, energy and food International Forum on Migration and Development Arpa FIL International Relations Seminar


Special events Award Ceremony to Recognize Talent and Creativity Among Academics at the University of Guadalajara Mar Adentro Debate Senior Citizens’ Literary Activities Letras para Volar Activities