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 FIL Children

FIL Children is a space that joins reading and fun. Over 4,000 square meters (43,055 sq ft), the Guadalajara International Book Fair encourages children to approach books. The experience is given through workshops, a reading room, a forum for international performances and an exhibition and sales area for children’s books by national and international publishing houses. Each year more than 100,000 children from ages three to twelve come to this area, where they learn that books are also a source of pleasure and fun.


FIL Children workshops are given by professionals who through music, dance, theatre, crafts and science, awaken in the children the curiosity for reading. The contents of the workshops are put together through bibliography and activities are designed according to the abilities of each age group. Workshops are attended by school groups that pre-register or by children accompanied by their parents during the Fair’s opening hours.

Publishing Houses

In FIL Children, there is a sales area for publishing houses that have collections of children’s literature. This area offers little readers a variety of titles, including new and classics, allowing children to freely choose their favorite books to take home with them. FIL Children sponsors also have their own space in this area and complement the experience through fun activities for the little ones.

Reading Room

After a long and intense day of workshops, shopping and shows, the best break at FIL Children is the Reading Room. Here children with their parents or teachers can read a story while they wait for their turn for a workshop, the beginning of a performance or simply want to relax in the company of a book, to then recommence another period of activity at FIL.

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Children´s Area general coordinator, Ana Luelmo at the phone number (52 33) 3810-0331, ext. 934 y 935