By filling out and sending the application form to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE or making any payment for the right of use of a STAND, the future EXHIBITOR confirms the acceptance and the obligation to abide by these rules and to be fully aware of their contents.

  • Glossary of Terms
    1. General Rules
    2. The Exhibit Area
    3. Set Up, Installation, Maintenance, Dismantling, and Security
    4. Civil Liabilities
    5. Non-compliance

    Set Up, Installation, Maintenance, Dismantling, and Security

    3.1 EXHIBITORS who choose to set up their own STAND, must send their design for approval by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE before September 25, including the measures of the structure and the contact information of the company responsible for the set-up, copy of the insurance policy and the Designer registration form. Additionally, STANDS with second floor must send the identification of the DRO and a structural calculation.

    3.2 EXHIBITORS that requested an equipped stand to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE should send their Setup form before September 25, any changes requested on- site will generate a cost.

    3.3 Each EXHIBITOR is obliged to inform the company responsible of their stand design of these rules and regulations in a timely fashion so they may be taken into account during the design process and stand set-up.

    3.4 EXHIBITORS will be allowed to enter the EXHIBITION CENTER during the three days prior to the opening of the EVENT and during the hours established by the ORGANIZING COMITTEE. EXHIBITORS who need more time at night to set up must pay the fees and fulfill the requirements established by EXPO GUADALAJARA.

    3.5 THE ORGANIZING COMITTE will establish the schedule for dismantling on the day following the end of the EVENT. EXHIBITORS who need more time at the night for dismantling operations must pay the fees and meet the requirements established by EXPO GUADALAJARA.

    3.6 It is strictly forbidden to set-up or dismantle during the days of the EVENT.

    3.7 EXHIBITORS whose STANDS have been set up by FIL will be allowed to enter the EXHIBITION CENTER one day before the opening of the EVENT, from 8:00 AM to 8 PM.

    3.8 The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE may rescind the right to use a STAND when the EXHIBITOR has not set up and/or occupied his/her STAND by 4 PM on the day before the opening of the EVENT. In such a case, the EXHIBITOR will not be entitled to a refund.

    3.9 The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will inform the EXHIBITOR the day and time when he can access to set-up furniture, books and other products to be presented, exhibited, shown, promoted and/or sold to visitors of the EVENT. The EXHIBITOR is bound to comply with this regulation.

    3.10 The EXHIBITOR must conclude set-up of furniture, books and other products to be presented, exhibited, shown, promoted and/or sold to visitors of the EVENT, no later than 8:30 am on November 27, 2020.

    3.11 No plaster, stucco boards, or similar materials may be used in setting up STANDS, nor will any carpentry, metalwork, pneumatic tool work, welding or any such work that may have an effect on the general design of the STANDS or the EXHIBITION CENTER.

    3.12 Except as specified in this document, it is not permitted to attach (tie, nail, screw, drill, glue, etc.) any object to the columns, floors, walls or panels of the EXHIBITION CENTER. It is not permitted to open electrical power boxes or outlets, or to enter cars, forklifts or mobile devices, which can damage the carpeting. Any damage caused by non-compliance with the above will be paid for by the EXHIBITOR responsible, as determined by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. Lighted signs are not allowed, unless the EXHIBITOR meets the safety requirements established by FIL and the signs are beyond the reach of visitors. To learn the security requirements you should contact the organizing committee.

    3.13 Apart from what is stated in point 3.11, the EXHIBITOR in the International Area must have special care regarding carpeting. Access is only allowed to cargo platforms property of the venue. Only masking tape of the brand Janel is allowed on carpeting. It is mandatory to place plastic protection around the perimeter of the stand and no construction is allowed, only assembly operations are permitted. Any damage to the carpeting will carry a fine that will be determined by the EXHIBITIONS CENTER.

    3.14 Each EXHIBITOR is obliged to take inventory of the furniture and electronic devices brought into the EXHIBITION CENTER for the STAND in the due format that will be handed by the security staff upon arrival. This format will be signed by the security staff to establish proof for any legal claim. This inventory must be updated every time any additional item is brought in and will be needed when the items are taken from the EXHIBITION CENTER.

    3.15 The security measures taken by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will aim to protect, as far as possible, the persons and goods within the EXHIBITION CENTER. Although the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will provide security in the EXHIBITION CENTER, EXHIBITORS will be the custodians and caretakers of the goods located within their STANDS, releasing the EVENT, FIL and the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE of any responsibility.

    3.16 The books Warehouse is a free service and exclusively for books. The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE is not responsible for any loss or damage of the goods stored at this warehouse. Books that are not withdrawn by Monday December 7, 2020 will be donated to institutions. To use the warehouse the Publisher shall provide the responsible for it, a letter including the names of persons authorized to enter and remove materials.

    3.17 EXHIBITORS must purchase insurance to cover:

    • Theft or destruction of their goods.
    • Injuries or death of the staff working for them (hired directly or indirectly by the EXHIBITOR).
    • Damage or destruction of goods belonging to third parties for reasons attributed to the EXHIBITOR.
    • Injuries or death of staff working for third parties for reasons ascribed to the EXHIBITOR.
    • Damage to third parties and goods caused by the EXHIBITOR.

    The insurance shall be in effect during the assembly, the fair and the dismounting.

    3.18 The EXHIBITOR will be responsible for any damage or injuries caused to third parties in their persons or their goods according to the terms of the Civil Code of the State of Jalisco or, if such were the case, the Penal Code of the State of Jalisco.

    3.19 Each EXHIBITOR will take responsibility for the staff they hire and will be regarded as an employer for any legal effect, thus releasing FIL from any conflict that may arise between the EXHIBITOR and staff.

    3.20 It is absolutely forbidden to introduce, use or store explosives, highly flammable, combustible materials or substances and fireworks or any dangerous substances that might prove incendiary in the STANDS.

    3.21 The EXHIBITORS and their staff are forbidden to introduce or consume alcoholic beverages in the STAND, except during pre-set cocktails. It is also forbidden to arrive in a state of drunkenness, smoke or consume any other substance that may impair their physical or mental abilities.

    3.22 Packing materials or those used to set up the STAND, signs, advertising, and other materials not used for the decoration of the STAND, or as part of its furniture, may not be kept in the STANDS during exhibition days, unless their size does not impair the movement of visitors or the visual harmony of the STAND and its perimeter.

    3.23 After assembly and dismantling, the EXHIBITOR is obliged to remove the garbage or excess material, in case of non-compliance the cleaning service will be charged.

    3.24 After dismantling, the EXHIBITOR must deliver the STAND and its rented accessories in perfect condition to the staff designated by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, through due inventory. The EXHIBITOR will be held responsible for any damage or loss to the STAND and the rented accessories, in which case any charges must be paid before leaving the EXHIBITION CENTER.

    3.25 EXPO GUADALAJARA is authorized to establish, modify, and enforce regulations for the usage and safety of the EXHIBITION CENTER; for this reason, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE is not responsible for the measures, restrictions, or limitations imposed by EXPO GUADALAJARA regarding its property and equipment. The EXHIBITOR must therefore comply with the aforementioned regulations.