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The constant evolution of the stroke

We invite you to participate in the seventh edition of FILustra, the specialized forum for illustrators and professionals interested in the publishing sector, with participation from experts from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Peru, Taiwan, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Life is in a constant state of change—of transformative cycles that impact people in different ways. Everything has a beginning, middle and end, and in each stage, there are internal and external factors that change a human being. Based on this reflection, the central theme this year is “The Constantly Evolution of the Stroke”.  Through talks, conferences, practical workshops and roundtables, we will analyze the different processes experienced illustrators and publishers implement in their professional careers.

The activities in the program will cover diverse topics, such as the first graphic influences, specialist training (and whether it is necessary or not), and how to interpret concepts. We will also discuss the use of tools when creating a particular illustration proposal that will surely change over time. We will also offer workshops in which attendees can practice different techniques and implement specific concepts.


2018 Program

Sunday November 25

Salón México III, hotel Hilton

15:45 a 16:00



16:00 a 17:00

Keynote Address

Participant: Sol Undurraga


17:00 a 18:15

The initial stage and first influences of an illustrator

Participants: Pato Mena, Samuel Castaño Mesa, Estelí Meza Urbieta

Moderator: Rubén Padilla


18:30 a 19:45

Professional development: specialist training, travel, personal events, work assignments…

Participants: Francisca Yáñez, Eva Sánchez Gómez, Rafael Yockteng

Moderator: María Fernanda Paz-Castillo


19:45 a 21:00

Interpreting a concept

Participants: Chinlun Lee, Roger Olmos, Rachel Levit Ruiz, Sebastián Santana

Moderator: Laura Demidovich


Monday November 26

Salón de Profesionales, Área Internacional, Expo Guadalajara

15:30 a 16:30

Lusitani (and original) graphics throughout time

Participant: Afonso Cruz

Presenter: Jazmín Orozco


16:30 a 17:45

The correct use of diverse tools

Participants: Marcelo Escobar, Jaró Saudé, Iván Mayorquín

Moderator: Nívola Uyá


18:00 a 19:30

The strength of your own voice: starting to develop your own projects

Participants: António Jorge Gonçalves, Karina Cocq, Bea Lozano, Juan (ATA) Lassalle

Moderator: Elisabeth Pérez


19:30 a 20:15

Award ceremony for the winner of the 9th Catálogo Iberoamérica Ilustra

Participants: Rubén Padilla, Bea Lozano, Mariana Warth, Abril Castillo, Javier Palop




  • A complete vision of how to illustrate covers
  • Artistic Ilustra(act)tion
  • Participatory creation of a picture book
  • Illustrating from where I am: the universe of an illustrator when facing a text
  • Illustrating the invisible
  • Creating characters
  • Illustrating memory
  • Information Illustration: How to design information and not become bored in the process


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