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Children’s and Young Adult Publishing: An Expanding Market?

Children’s and young adult publishing are a significant part of Latin American publishing production; a region with a powerful consumer market. In recent years, there has been debate on this sector’s exponential growth. All the while Latin American writers, illustrators, and publishers are being recognized in international competitions and awards, revindicating the quality of their content.

However, there is also doubt about its development opportunity in Spanish-speaking countries. Following two Latin American Children’s Publishing Conferences (2015 and 2017), FIL Guadalajara inaugurates the International Publishers and Book Professionals Forum program to reflect, discuss, and debate topics that are fundamental to understanding the current state of this market segment. Its objective is to provide useful expertise on a range of areas, and share experiences and perspectives.

Some of the topics we will address this year include: public purchases, internationalization through rights sales, analyzing reading promotion and literary criticism projects, and how to ensure titles remain in catalogs over the long term, among others. The program will close with a conference by María Osorio, winner of the FIL Guadalajara Publishing Merit Award.
We invite everyone to attend this event, which will be free of charge for this year’s registered professionals and exhibitors.


2018 Program

Tuesday November 27

Salón de Profesionales, Área Internacional, Expo Guadalajara

16:30 a 16:45


Participants: Carlos Anaya Rosique , Fanuel Hanán Díaz, Marisol Schulz Manaut


16:45 a 17:45

Opening Keynote

Participant: Fanuel Hanán Díaz

Presenter: Marisol Schulz Manaut


18:00 a 19:30

The balance between quality and profitability in a publishing project

Participants: María Francisca Mayobre, Carina Solari, Mariana Warth, Peggy Espinosa

Moderator: Laura Demidovich


19:30 a 20:30

Purchasing in the public sector

Participants: Pilar Gutiérrez, Ana Laura Delgado, Ana Pavez

Moderator: Raquel Franco


Wednesday November 28

Salón de Profesionales, Área Internacional, Expo Guadalajara

16:30 a 17:30

Projects to promote reading, literary criticism and education: complementary professional development for the industry

Participants: Dolores Prades, Sergio Andricain, Alicia Espinosa de los Monteros

Moderator: Rubén Padilla


19:00 a 20:15

Closing session

Participant: María Osorio Caminata

Presenter: Rubén Padilla




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