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Marketing Strategies to Help Trade Publishers Stand Out from the Crowd


‘How do we persuade potential customers to notice us and believe in our titles when we don’t have big budgets or high profile authors, and they have so much choice?’

If you’re a publisher or general books and relate to this challenge, this workshop is for you. It will show you how to be distinctive and impress readers whilst working within the constraints of limited time and budgets, even in a very crowded marketplace. Topics will include:

  • Developing your brand identity and using it to underpin all your marketing
  • Choosing the right marketing channels, and how to use marketing planning techniques to inform good decisions
  • How to identify a USP and an ‘elevator pitch’ to help you to grab attention for ever title
  • Why you need to put authors at the heart of what you do
  • Harnessing social media and communities to help spread the message far and wide
  • Plenty of examples of well targeted and achievable marketing from trade publishers.

Suitable for: Anyone working in a trade (general) publishing context, whether in marketing or in editorial roles. Also suitable for micro-publishers, ie business owners of very small general publishers who want to make their mark.

2019 Program

Wednesday December 04

09:30 a 13:30

Marketing Strategies to Help Trade Publishers Stand Out from the Crowd

Salón A, Área Internacional, Expo Guadalajara

Participant: Rachel Maund



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