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Creative Writing Workshop: Women’s Fiction

This workshop is an introduction to writing novels in the women’s fiction genre, and an exploration of its subgenres: women’s fiction, chick lit, romantic suspense, historical romance, erotic fiction. Writing is inspiration and a craft at the same time, and the first thing we will look at is the balance between these two elements: how can you be your own muse while still focusing on the reader and the target market?

We will start by exploring the great classics and recent international bestsellers, using these models as a guide for literary trends, innovation and originality. Attendees will review different subgenres, analyzing examples of historical romances, suspense novels, work where eroticism plays a central role, and others where a whole literary world is created as a result of an ironic glance.

Once we define the models and different subgenres, we will tackle the main objective of the workshop: how can we construct a piece of literary work with these characteristics?
We will focus on how to brainstorm ideas to help find our story, and then define the importance of the details and the fundamental themes that will be developed throughout the novel.

We will then look at creating memorable characters, talking about psychological aspects and the intentions that guide them with an in-depth 360° study. We will look at creating a solid structure that keeps the reader hooked, focusing on areas such as rhythm, suspense and credibility. We will look at the different points of views and the different ways of telling a story.

In the last part of the workshop, we will talk about the difficulties of writing a complete book, about moments of creative crises and how to get through them.



2019 Program

Wednesday December 04

09:30 a 15:00

Creative Writing Workshop: Women’s Fiction

Salón Antonio Alatorre, planta alta, Expo Guadalajara

Participant: Laura Ceccacci