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Workshop: Behind (and Beside) Authors: the Work of a Literary Agent


The literary agent figure is not common in Latin American countries, but there is increasingly more interest in knowing their function within the book production chain and how the intrinsic objectives of the profession are achieved.
In the words of Guillermo Schavelzon, an internationally recognized agent, “A literary agent is a representative of writers, whose mission is to find the greatest number of readers possible in all languages and all over the world, for the writers he or she represents”.
However, their work is must more vast and complex than that. The object of this workshop is to explain in detail the work of a literary agent so that participants can understand their function.

Capacity limited to 30 participants

  • General introduction to the work of an international literary agent: training, tools for beginning tasks, and super powers.
  • Author scouting: where to find them (social media networks, specialized magazines, bestseller lists, literary prizes, uncommon places) and how to recognize an author with potential. Case study.
  • Reading manuscripts: How are books chosen? How to recognize the book’s genre? Which publishers might be interested?
  • Panorama of the international publishing market: How to find the most appropriate publishing house for each author? What is a publishing house looking for? How to build solid collaboration and become an accomplice for the different publishing houses? How are books presented to publishers? Case study.
  • Negotiating the sale of books: economic negotiation, publishing interest, contracts and fundamental clauses.
  • Sale of foreign rights: international strategies, examples, main fairs in this sector. Case study.
  • Long term relationship with authors: How to not take anything for granted? How to build a coherent artistic pathway? What happens after the first work?


2019 Program

Sunday December 01

10:00 a 17:50

Workshop: Behind (and Beside) Authors: the Work of a Literary Agent

Salón C, Área Internacional, Expo Guadalajara

Participant: Laura Ceccacci



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