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Workshop: The Audiobook Market in Latin America


Until recently there was an urban legend that said there is supposedly no demand for audiobooks in Latin America; however, in the last two years, we have seen several publishing houses, bookstores and specialist platforms firmly opting for this format.


  • Breve historia de los audiolibros en América Latina y España
  • A brief history of audiobooks in Latin America
  • Current availability of audiobooks in Spanish
  • Growth forecast for the next 5 years
  • Production costs of an audiobook (types of production / formats)
  • Sales channels for audiobooks (stores, subscription platforms, digital borrowing platforms, etc.)
  • Profile of readers that listen to audiobooks. Are they the same as those that read paper books or are they another type of reader?
  • Marketing strategies to promote this new format
  • Average sale price of an audiobook/average subscription cost
  • Profitability of audiobook sales compared to e-books for publishers.


2018 Program

Tuesday November 27

Salón Antonio Alatorre, planta alta, Expo Guadalajara

10:00 a 13:00

Workshop: The Audiobook Market in Latin America

Participant: Javier Celaya



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