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By filling out and sending the application form to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE or making any payment for the right of use of a STAND, the future EXHIBITOR confirms the acceptance and the obligation to abide by these rules and to be fully aware of their contents.

For the purposes of these Regulations, the terms will be defined as follows:

FIL: The division of the University of Guadalajara known as the Guadalajara International Book Fair.

THE EVENT: The exhibition known as FIL, or FIL International Book Fair in Guadalajara, or FIL Guadalajara International Book Fair, organized by the University of Guadalajara through FIL.

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: The internal board of FIL in charge of organizing the EVENT.

EXHIBITION CENTER: The internal board of FIL in charge of organizing the EVENT.

EXPO GUADALAJARA: The entity in charge of the management of the EXHIBITION CENTER.

STAND: The physical space located within the EXHIBITION CENTER assigned to the EXHIBITOR and in which the latter has the right to present, exhibit, promote and/or sell their products and/or services to visitors of the EVENT.

EXHIBITOR AND/OR EXHIBITORS: The physical or moral person, public or private, who acquires from the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE of FIL the right to use a STAND.

PUBLISHED WORK: The artistic or literary work of one or several people, set into any physical format and protected by the Federal Copyright Law.

PUBLISHER: The physical or moral entity, public or private, who publishes the PUBLISHED WORK by authority granted by the owner of the PROPERTY RIGHTS of said work, or any other legal title.

OWNER OF THE PROPERTY RIGHTS: The author, the heir or the acquirer through any title of the PROPERTY RIGHTS of a PUBLISHED WORK.

PROPERTY RIGHTS:The right to use a PUBLISHED WORK exclusively, or to authorize others to use it in any form, within the limits established by the Federal Law of Copyright in Mexico.

1.1 The STANDS will be assigned by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, taking into consideration the application submitted by the EXHIBITOR. In case the STAND applied for cannot be assigned to the EXHIBITOR, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE may suggest a different one. The EXHIBITOR may accept such a proposal or abstain from participating in the EVENT.

1.2 Stands will be assigned in accordance with the following policies:

  • Companies that participated in the 2023 edition will be able to obtain the prompt payment rate and secure a space as long as they send their stand request and meet the payment dates. First payment: March 12, 2024.
  • In the allocation of spaces, the following order of priority will be taken into account:
    1. 2023 participants
    2. 2022 participants
    3. Other participants
  • Companies that did not participate in the last face-to-face edition (2023) must send their stand application form and wait until June to receive a space proposal according to the availability of the requested stand.
  • FIL Guadalajara reserves the right to assign spaces.
  • In case of not making any of the payments on the established dates, the Organizing Committee may relocate, cancel or adjust the meters of your space in this or the next edition.

1.3 Failure to meet payment dates, EXHIBITORS must assume a rate change, relocation or cancellation of stand policies established at of our website or at the stand confirmation.

1.4 In case the EXHIBITOR decides to cancel the STAND assigned by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE or if the latter cancels due to incompliance by the EXHIBITOR, FIL refund the percentage shown at the following chart according to the date of the cancellation.

Cancellation date Refund of the amount paid to the date
Before July 15th 90%
Between July 16th and August 19th 80%
Between August 20th and September 20th 60%
Between September 21st and October 21st 30%
Between October 22nd and December 8th No refund applies
  • In the event that the exhibitor decides to cancel due to the pandemic, and not due to regulations of the Mexican authorities, it must respect the cancellation policies previously mentioned above.
  • In the event that FIL Guadalajara 2024 is canceled due to a natural disaster, pandemic or other health risk, or by direct orders from the authorities, the Organizing Committee will reimburse 100% of the amount paid for the stand rental or any other paid or hired service directly through FIL Guadalajara. The reimbursement of the cost of the stand will be made within 120 business days following the cancellation of the event. The exhibitor may also decide to apply their payment to the 2025 edition, for which they must notify us before December 15, 2024.

1.5 The EXHIBITOR may participate for five or nine days, according to the information provided in the application, and is obliged to comply with what is stated in said application. By no means will the EXHIBITOR stay longer than the specified dates nor will he leave earlier. Additionally, the EXHIBITOR must comply with the 9:00 to 21:00 fairground schedule. In case the EXHIBITOR leaves before the specified dates, he will be penalized by cancellation or reassignment of space for the following edition of FIL.

1.6 If the EXHIBITOR indicated 5-day participation in the application form, but wishes to change to 9 days, he has until August 15th, 2024 to communicate it in writing. This change is subject to availability and may result in change of location.

1.7 EXHIBITORS who apply for 5-day participation must set up STAND according to the schedule provided by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE and have it finished by Friday November 29th, 2024 no later than 20:30 hours. Furthermore, they are obliged to dismantle on Wednesday, December 4th, 2024 beginning at 21:00 and until 22:00. It is not allowed to withdraw exhibition material from the fairgrounds until after 21:00. In case the EXHIBITOR refuses to comply with the specified date for dismantling, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE has the right to remove any materials and make use of the stand.

1.8 EXHIBITORS who apply for nine-day participation must set up STAND according to the schedule provided by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE and have it finished by Friday November 29th, 2024 no later than 20:00 hours. Dismantling will be on Monday December 9th, 2024 before 13:00 for 9 to 36 square meters and until 22:00 for spaces bigger than 36 square meters.

1.9 All EXHIBITORS are obliged to begin and end their activities in compliance with the schedule and dates established by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. The entrance for all exhibitors will be 30 minutes before regular opening hours to the public (8:30 a.m.). The exhibitors must leave 20 minutes after regular opening hours (21:20).

1.10 Under no circumstance are the EXHIBITORS authorized to transfer, totally or partially, or share the acquired rights of the assigned STAND to any third party without prior written consent of the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. In case an EXHIBITOR designates the stand operation to his distributor, he must notify the ORGANIZING COMMITE and let his distributor know and verify that only his company's products are sold. It is strictly prohibited to add products or materials different to those exhibited originally. In case of non-compliance the ORGANIZING COMMITE may decide to reallocate space in the next edition of FIL.

1.11 It is absolutely forbidden for any two EXHIBITORS to combine their STANDS by taking down the materials used as dividers. If any maneuver is required, you must request authorization from the Organizing Committee and wait for written confirmation.

1.12 If the EXHIBITOR changes, increases or diversifies his publishing line, he shall notify in writing to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE and may not subdivide the exhibition space.

1.13 The promotion and / or sale of products shall be made within the limits of the contracted space.

1.14 Without exceptions, it is not permitted to present, exhibit, show, promote, sell, and / or introduce to the EXHIBITION CENTER publications, products, services or articles forbidden by Mexican Law and by the international treaties signed by Mexico, as well as publications and products promoting violence.

1.15 EXHIBITORS can only present, display, show, promote and/or sell WORKS available at another STAND by presenting a letter of authorization from the publisher of said works. This rule will also apply to EXHIBITORS of products other than books. A title will not be considered to be repeated when, despite being the same PUBLISHED WORK, it is presented in a different language or physical format. Authorization Letters should be sent to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE before August 12.

1.16 In case the EXHIBITOR is not the PUBLISHER of the PUBLISHED WORKS to be presented, exhibited, shown, promoted, and/or sold, he should attach to the application form a letter of authorization from each of the publishers to sell such WORKS at FIL. Space will not be confirmed until this requirement has been fulfilled.

1.17 Any behavior by a PUBLISHER or its attending staff that goes against the morale or rules of good behavior, that is an affront to the prestige and the good name of FIL, or that constitute criminal behavior or a violation of the rights of third parties attending the EVENT will be sanctioned as determined by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, without any liability to the latter.

1.18 By signing the application form, the EXHIBITOR agrees to keep FIL and the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE safe from any responsibility in regards to any interruption, suspension or cancellation of the EVENT caused by unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, acts of the federal and/or local authorities, acts of third parties, of EXPO GUADALAJARA or any other cause out of the control of FIL and the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. In case of interruption, suspension or cancellation of the EVENT, it is understood that FIL and the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE have fulfilled their full responsibilities towards the EXHIBITOR who waives his right to any reimbursement of any deposit or payment made to FIL and the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE.

2.1 STANDS must be decorated and furnished in such a way that they do not impair the general ambience and the view of the STANDS of other EXHIBITORS. STANDS that exceed the standard height (2.44 meters / 8 ft), must consider in their design a white finish in a material that covers the exceeding wall height on the side towards the neighboring STAND. The design of the STAND must not obstruct the walking aisles. In case of non-compliance with this rule, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will effect any necessary modification even without the EXHIBITOR's consent. The EXHIBITOR will pay all expenses incurred due to the aforementioned modifications.

2.2 The maximum height allowed is 5 meters (16.4 ft). Non-compliance with this regulation will lead to a re-location of the EXHIBITOR's STAND at the next fair as determined by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE.

2.3 It is strictly forbidden to hang banners, flags or items from the upper structure of the EXHIBITION CENTER. In case of non-compliance to this rule, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will effect any necessary modification even without the EXHIBITOR's consent. The EXHIBITOR will pay all expenses incurred due to the aforementioned modifications.

2.4 EXHIBITORS that wish to place advertising, flags, banners or any kind of decoration to their STAND must limit to the assigned space, including air space. View of advertising, flags, banners or any kind of decoration by EXHIBITORS must not invade the visual space of neighboring STANDS. In case of incompliance, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will withdraw the material, which will be returned upon the end of the Fair.

2.5 EXHIBITORS must notify in writing to THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE of the use of audiovisual or sound equipment, which must not exceed a maximum of 70 decibels and cause any disturbance to other EXHIBITORS. In case of recurring complaints by other EXHIBITORS, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will notify the EXHIBITOR in question to cease performing the offending activities. If said EXHIBITOR should persist in the activities causing the complaints, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will remove the equipment and shall be punished with a monetary fine as determined under subsection 5 of this Regulations.

2.6 No promotional materials, such as flyers, brochures, printed publicity, sampling or any other similar media are allowed to be distributed in any of the areas of the EXHIBITION CENTER, its esplanade and its surrounding grounds. These can only be distributed within the boundaries of the stand. The use of costumes is not allowed at any space or area inside FIL Niños. In case of non-compliance, the advertising materials will be confiscated and shall be punished with a monetary fine as determined under subsection 5 of these regulations.

2.7 It is forbidden to undertake surveys, questionnaires or any other kind of research by anyone not directly related to FIL outside the boundaries of the stand. In case of non-compliance, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will confiscate any related materials and the EXHIBITOR may be suspended from future editions and will be subject to a monetary fine as determined under subsection 5 of these Regulations.

2.8 Any public presentation or performance organized by the EXHIBITOR such as hosting a book presentation, a storyteller, a cocktail, a clown performance or a book signing session must request written authorization from the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE 30 days prior to the event. Authorization will be subject to the regulations and sanitary protocols established by the State of Jalisco government authorities. In case of non-compliance or due to the disturbing of public order, the EXHIBITOR will be subject to a monetary fine as determined under subsection 5 of these Regulations.

2.9 It is not allowed to promote a political party or candidate either by a promotional activity, printed logo or distinctive. In case of non-compliance your space will be subject to cancellation or reassignment for this and future editions of FIL.

2.10 If you are offering a cocktail in your stand, you must hire the services of the EXHIBITION CENTER. THE EXHIBITOR must notify any event or cocktail with at least 30 days in advance. Authorization will be subject to the regulations and sanitary protocols established by the State of Jalisco government authorities. No activity is allowed on days and times for the general public. In the stands less than 18 meters, no activity is allowed.

2.11 EXHIBITORS and their staff must enter the EXHIBITION CENTER through the entrances indicated by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, and must identify themselves using the badge provided to them to this effect.

Squeare meters Badges
From 9 to 17 meters 4 badges
From 18 to 26 meters 6 badges
From 27 to 35 meters 8 badges
From 36 to 53 meters 10 badges
From 54 to 71 meters 14 badges
From 72 to 80 meters 16 badges
From 81 to 107 meters 18 badges
From 108 to 164 meters 24 badges
From 165 to 179 meters 36 badges
From 180 to 197 meters 40 badges
From 198 to 206 meters 44 badges
From 207 to 215 meters 46 badges
From 216 to 224 meters 48 badges
From 225 to 242 meters 50 badges
From 243 to 320 meters 54 badges
From 321 to 344 meters 62 badges
From 345 to 389 meters 66 badges
More than 390 meters 70 badges

Additional badges cost: $950.00 Mexican pesos

3.1 EXHIBITORS who choose to set up their own STAND, must send their design for approval by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE before September 27th, including the measures of the structure and the contact information of the company responsible for the set-up, copy of the insurance policy and the Designer registration form. Additionally, STANDS with second floor must send the identification of the DRO and a structural calculation.

3.2 EXHIBITORS that requested an equipped stand to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE should send their Setup form before September 27th, any changes requested on- site will generate a cost.

3.3 Each EXHIBITOR is obliged to inform the company responsible of their stand design of these rules and regulations in a timely fashion so they may be taken into account during the design process and stand set-up.

3.4 EXHIBITORS will be allowed to enter the EXHIBITION CENTER during the three days prior to the opening of the EVENT and during the hours established by the ORGANIZING COMITTEE. EXHIBITORS who need more time at night to set up must pay the fees and fulfill the requirements established by EXPO GUADALAJARA.

3.5 THE ORGANIZING COMITTE will establish the schedule for dismantling on the day following the end of the EVENT. EXHIBITORS who need more time at the night for dismantling operations must pay the fees and meet the requirements established by EXPO GUADALAJARA.

3.6 It is strictly forbidden to set-up or dismantle during the days of the EVENT.

3.7 EXHIBITORS whose STANDS have been set up by FIL will be allowed to enter the EXHIBITION CENTER one day before the opening of the EVENT, from 8:00 AM to 8 PM.

3.8 The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE may rescind the right to use a STAND when the EXHIBITOR has not set up and/or occupied his/her STAND by 4 PM on the day before the opening of the EVENT. In such a case, the EXHIBITOR will not be entitled to a refund.

3.9 The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will inform the EXHIBITOR the day and time when he can access to set-up furniture, books and other products to be presented, exhibited, shown, promoted and/or sold to visitors of the EVENT. The EXHIBITOR is bound to comply with this regulation.

3.10 The EXHIBITOR must conclude set-up of furniture, books and other products to be presented, exhibited, shown, promoted and/or sold to visitors of the EVENT, no later than 8:30 am on November 29th, 2024.

3.11 No plaster, stucco boards, or similar materials may be used in setting up STANDS, nor will any carpentry, metalwork, pneumatic tool work, welding or any such work that may have an effect on the general design of the STANDS or the EXHIBITION CENTER.

3.12 Except as specified in this document, it is not permitted to attach (tie, nail, screw, drill, glue, etc.) any object to the columns, floors, walls or panels of the EXHIBITION CENTER. It is not permitted to open electrical power boxes or outlets, or to enter cars, forklifts or mobile devices, which can damage the carpeting. Any damage caused by non-compliance with the above will be paid for by the EXHIBITOR responsible, as determined by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. Lighted signs are not allowed, unless the EXHIBITOR meets the safety requirements established by FIL and the signs are beyond the reach of visitors. To learn the security requirements, you should contact the organizing committee.

3.13 Apart from what is stated in point 3.11, the EXHIBITOR in the International Area must have special care regarding carpeting. Access is only allowed to cargo platforms property of the venue. Only masking tape of the brand Janel is allowed on carpeting. It is mandatory to place plastic protection around the perimeter of the stand and no construction is allowed, only assembly operations are permitted. Any damage to the carpeting will carry a fine that will be determined by the EXHIBITIONS CENTER.

3.14 Each EXHIBITOR is obliged to take inventory of the furniture and electronic devices brought into the EXHIBITION CENTER for the STAND in the due format that will be handed by the security staff upon arrival. This format will be signed by the security staff to establish proof for any legal claim. This inventory must be updated every time any additional item is brought in and will be needed when the items are taken from the EXHIBITION CENTER.

3.15 The security measures taken by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will aim to protect, as far as possible, the persons and goods within the EXHIBITION CENTER. Although the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will provide security in the EXHIBITION CENTER, EXHIBITORS will be the custodians and caretakers of the goods located within their STANDS, releasing the EVENT, FIL and the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE of any responsibility.

3.16 The books Warehouse is a free service and exclusively for books. The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE is not responsible for any loss or damage of the goods stored at this warehouse. Books that are not withdrawn by Monday December 9th, 2024 will be donated to institutions. To use the warehouse the Publisher shall provide the responsible for it, a letter including the names of persons authorized to enter and remove materials.

3.17 EXHIBITORS must purchase insurance to cover:

  • Theft or destruction of their goods.
  • Injuries or death of the staff working for them (hired directly or indirectly by the EXHIBITOR).
  • Damage or destruction of goods belonging to third parties for reasons attributed to the EXHIBITOR.
  • Injuries or death of staff working for third parties for reasons ascribed to the EXHIBITOR.
  • Damage to third parties and goods caused by the EXHIBITOR.
icono The insurance shall be in force during the assembly, the fair and the dismounting.

3.18 The EXHIBITOR will be responsible for any damage or injuries caused to third parties in their persons or their goods according to the terms of the Civil Code of the State of Jalisco or, if such were the case, the Penal Code of the State of Jalisco.

3.19 Each EXHIBITOR will take responsibility for the staff they hire and will be regarded as an employer for any legal effect, thus releasing FIL from any conflict that may arise between the EXHIBITOR and staff.

3.20 It is absolutely forbidden to introduce, use or store explosives, highly flammable, combustible materials or substances and fireworks or any dangerous substances that might prove incendiary in the STANDS.

3.21 The EXHIBITORS and their staff are forbidden to introduce or consume alcoholic beverages in the STAND, except during pre-set cocktails. It is also forbidden to arrive in a state of drunkenness, smoke or consume any other substance that may impair their physical or mental abilities.

3.22 Packing materials or those used to set up the STAND, signs, advertising, and other materials not used for the decoration of the STAND, or as part of its furniture, may not be kept in the STANDS during exhibition days, unless their size does not impair the movement of visitors or the visual harmony of the STAND and its perimeter.

3.23 After assembly and dismantling, the EXHIBITOR is obliged to remove the garbage or excess material, in case of non-compliance the cleaning service will be charged.

3.24 After dismantling, the EXHIBITOR must deliver the STAND and its rented accessories in perfect condition to the staff designated by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, through due inventory. The EXHIBITOR will be held responsible for any damage or loss to the STAND and the rented accessories, in which case any charges must be paid before leaving the EXHIBITION CENTER.

3.25 EXPO GUADALAJARA is authorized to establish, modify, and enforce regulations for the usage and safety of the EXHIBITION CENTER; for this reason, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE is not responsible for the measures, restrictions, or limitations imposed by EXPO GUADALAJARA regarding its property and equipment. The EXHIBITOR must therefore comply with the aforementioned regulations.

4.1 The EXHIBITOR is responsible for obeying the applicable laws and regulations resulting from his activities during the EVENT. The EXHIBITOR will be solely responsible for paying any fine or responding to any sanction imposed for non-compliance.

4.2 The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE reserves the right to make any necessary modifications to these regulations for the optimum development of the EVENT, as well as to publish and enforce any such modifications. The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will not be responsible towards the EXHIBITORS for the effects of any unforeseen events or overriding circumstances that may impede the execution of any activity related to the EVENT or the EVENT itself.

4.3 The conditions of the Contract for the STAND will be established in the document determined by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. These Regulations apply to all those who function as EXHIBITORS, even if the aforementioned document is not in writing.

4.4 Any complaint or claim made by an EXHIBITOR must be in writing, and it must be submitted to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE within ten days following the conclusion of the EVENT. The complaint or claim must be accompanied by any documentation necessary to substantiate it. The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will to the best of its ability respond to any such claim or complaint within five working days, unless more time is required due to the nature of the claim or complaint. If the parts are not able to reconcile their differences, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE must settle the claim or complaint, and its resolutions will be definitive and not open to appeal.

4.5 In all cases, mediation and conciliation will be the preferred mechanisms to settle controversies. If an agreement is not reached between the parts within the following ten days, they agree to abide to the jurisdiction and competence of the authorities of the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. For legal effects, the legal address of FIL is the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco and the EXHIBITOR is obliged to file any complaint before the courts of this city.

4.6 Receiving the application form from the EXHIBITOR states that the Exhibitor Regulations have been read and understood, and due acceptance without any reservation or condition.

4.7 For any case not foreseen in these Regulations, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will decide the manner in which it will be resolved.

5.1 The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE is the only entity authorized to enforce the sanctions mentioned above, since its obligation is to ensure the proper development of the EVENT and its projection to the future.

Non-compliance with any of the obligations undertaken by the EXHIBITORS and set forth in these Regulations will result in a written warning. If the EXHIBITOR relapses with the non compliance of the aforementioned regulations, will lead to the penalties mentioned in the following paragraph:

Financial penalties according to the following list:

  • Non compliance to point 2.2 of this Regulation, related to the maximum allowable height for the stands: 10,000.00 Mexican pesos
  • Non compliance to point 2.5 of this Regulation, related to the use of audiovisual equipment or sound: 5,000.00 Mexican pesos
  • Non compliance to point 2.6 and 2.7 of this Regulation, related to the promotion: 3,000.00 Mexican pesos
  • Non compliance to point 2.8 of this Regulation, related to public performances: 3,000.00 Mexican pesos
  • In cases not included in this list, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will evaluate the appropriate sanction that can be a monetary fine up to 100% of the amount paid to FIL for the right to use the STAND.
  • Foreclosure of the STAND without the right to have a refund.
  • Partial or complete loss of the right to participate in future EVENTS.

In all cases, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will evaluate the infraction and, once the corresponding sanction has been determined, will notify the EXHIBITOR involved.