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Libros al Gusto Gastronomic space

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Food is the basis of life and the characteristic feature of each town. The great variety of traditional dishes from around the world and the evolution and fusion of these dishes, together with the exchange of knowledge of cuisines from different regions, make gastronomy one of the most attractive activities of recent years. If the culture of people is reflected in their different artistic manifestations, then their food is the window through which the tradition, history and evolution of a town emerges.

Gastronomy is a great cultural mosaic that contains the flavor of the past and the aroma of the present of an entire nation. That is why, starting in 2019, the FIL Guadalajara had a space and program dedicated to gastronomic literature: Libros al Gusto. This space was dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of the culinary arts through talks, round tables and book presentations. It also had a specialized library and a kitchen-classroom where our visitors can enjoy and learn many of the secrets of this exciting topic.


Specialized Bookshop

Libros al Gusto will have a specialized bookstore where the attending public will find a wide variety of titles related to gastronomy, from cookbooks to research books and gastronomic anthropology, the space will be open to the public and professionals during the 9 days of FIL.

For further information contact:

Exhibitors coordinator, Armando M. de Santiago at the phone number (52) 33 3810 0331, ext.919