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  1. Introduction
  2. Energy saving
  3. Construction and materials
  4. Waste reduction
  5. Sustainable participation
  6. Carbon footprint compensation
  7. Suppliers Directory


1. Introduction

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For the fifth year, through the FIL Impact 0 initiative, the Guadalajara International Book Fair proposes actions that contribute to the care of the environment. We invite our partners and exhibitors to participate and take into account these recommendations to become an Exhibitor Impact 0. The use of recycled and recyclable materials in the construction of their stands, as well as the use of energy and other actions, generate savings that at the same time they minimize the environmental impact as an exhibitor and contribute to this collective effort.
In the past four editions, the winners of the Impact0 Expositor Prize have benefited from a 10 percent discount on their participation for the next edition. In 2019, the University of Colima was awarded and when occupying 27 m² the savings for the discount was representative.

2. Energy saving

a) Lighting
- In order to contribute to the conservation of energy, we recommend that exhibitors take advantage of the lighting of the convention center and in case of requiring lighting, choose bulbs with the following characteristics: LED, CFL or that have some distinctive energy efficiency.
- Design a modular system for lighting, so that only the spotlights of the necessary areas can be turned on.
- Use of sensors that activate the spotlights in warehouses or areas with low flow of people.
- Build the stand looking to take advantage of the flow of air and light from the convention center.
- Avoid using incandescent bulbs and ballasts.
Note: 85 percent of the electricity used by an incandescent bulb is transformed into heat and only 15 percent into light. The led bulbs have a life span that ranges between 50 thousand and 100 thousand hours per year, unlike incandescent ones that have a durability of one thousand hours.
The cost of an LED spotlight ranges from 100 to 2,000 pesos, money you can save if you take advantage of the lighting of Expo Guadalajara.

b) Electronic equipment
- We recommend that all electronic equipment used during the event have some energy efficiency badge such as the FIDE or Energy Star seal.
- The use of switches in the contacts allows to give power only to the equipment in use and thus avoids hiring additional charge to the convention center.

c) Transportation
- Contributes to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated by the transport of materials. For this, we recommend exhibitors to consolidate all the material that will be used during the fair in a single shipment.
- Keep packaging or packing materials to transport the remaining material at the end of the Fair.

d) Local suppliers
- The hiring of local suppliers is an excellent option to obtain an economic price and reduce the emissions generated by the installation and assembly of the stand.


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3. Construction and materials

a) Construction
- We recommend that exhibitors consider the functionality of the space in the design of the stands and analyze the quantity of materials that will be used for its construction. Also choose durable materials that can be reused in other events, which are ecological or can be recycled. Using the essential material can reduce costs and reduce the amount of waste.

b) List of material options
- Woods without resins or with the seal of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
- Thermoplastics: PP, PC (except PVC).
- Aluminum and steels.
- Paper and paperboard.
- PLA plastic.
- Alucobond or foamboard.
- Fiberglass.
- Carbon fiber.
- Bamboo

c) Promotional and graphic printing
- We recommend exhibitors to use ecological advertising and promotional materials. There is a wide variety of sustainable products that can replace traditional products. (Check the Provider Directory).
- For the printing of graphics and images of the stands we suggest planning a generic signage that can be reused in other events, printing on cardboard and the use of vegetable inks.
- Ask your provider for ecological options to make graphics and signage prints.

d) Air quality
- We ask exhibitors to use water-based and ecological grade paints, to maintain good air quality inside the premises during assembly days, to maintain a clean and healthy environment for all participants.

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4. Waste reduction

- We ask all exhibitors during the assembly and the days of the event to deposit the waste generated in the corresponding trash cans. To support this work we have placed a special signage on the boats of the Guadalajara Expo.
- The correct separation of waste is one of the main strategies to reduce the amount of waste generated in the event and show visitors the commitment to sustainable culture.

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5. Sustainable participation

- Make a good planning of the participation in Fair considering the assembly, days of the event and disassembly to avoid additional transfers.
- Consult with your stand builder the origin of the materials that will be used for construction. Being local (less than 700 km) they are regularly cheaper.
- Include in the dismantling planning the final destination of the materials that will be discarded, verify if they will be reused, recycled or if they can be donated.
- Inform all the staff that will participate in the stand during the Fair about the sustainable measures that have been adopted and monitor their compliance.
- Promote the transfer of staff by public transport, bicycle, FIL routes or shared car.
- Staying in hotels 1 km away from the Guadalajara Expo to avoid the use of transport.
- Dispose of trash in the appropriate containers of all materials, food and beverages consumed during the event.


6. Carbon footprint compensation

This year we seek to go further and you can be part of the transformation of book fairs towards sustainable development. The above when obtaining the Carbon 0 badge that is awarded for compensating the carbon footprint of your stand, if you are interested in obtaining more information to compensate for the CO2 emissions generated by your participation in the Guadalajara International Book Fair write to:

7. Suppliers directory

Stand and Display Builders

Mexico City



Design and production of sustainable stands and displays.
(52 55) 5406-2969 y/o



Design and production of sustainable stands and displays, interactive experiences.
(52 55) 5564-3190


Mexhibit Grupo Expositor


Design and production of sustainable stands and displays. (52 33) 2000-8839 y 2000-8840

Stand Depot


Design and production of sustainable stands and displays.
(52 33) 3044-0896 / (52 33) 3044-0897

EDG international


Design and production of sustainable stands and displays.
(52 33) 3563-6105 RUTH GARCIA

Exhibition and Display


Design and production of sustainable stands and displays.
(52 33) 3344-27 62

Printing and promotional products

Mexico City



Ecological promotionals.
(52 55) 4138-2999




Organic products.
(52 55) 4999-0558



Ecological promotionals.
044 (55) 4944 9013

Grupo Green Market


Promotional items.
(52 55) 5590-8163

Alamo Print


Printing of ecological packaging.
(52 55) 5913-6038


Casa Xavier


Ecological promotionals
(52 33) 3636-3410

Todo Ecológico


Cloth bags, organic food utensils.
(52 33) 3110-6740/41

Aseco Marketing Sustentable


Ecological promotionals.
(52 33) 3647-9964



Ecological promotionals.
(52 33) 3636-4395

E- Print


Ecological printing, decoration and design.
(52 33) 3165-16 25 y (52 33) 3682-1122

Rapido Print


Ecological printing.
(52 33) 3615-6672

Moti Digital


Printing of ecological packaging.
(33) 3811.7143
Laura Pous (33) 3615.3370 ext. 2023



Ecological promotionals.

Other products

Querétaro and Mexico City



Mobiliario ecológico y productos de cartón reciclado stands para expos, artículos promocionales, decoración, empaque de productos y juguetes de cartón.
(52 442) 336-7544, (52 442) 339-8574




Smart lighting.
(52 33) 3333-2912

La casa del LED


Smart lighting.
(52 33) 1578-2276



Smart lighting.
(52 33) 1086-5775 y (52 33) 2305-8883