Note to the reader

Now in its sixth year, the Destinação Brazil program has been a journey of discovery for Brazilian contemporary literature and has reinforced the FIL’s mission to be a literary forum that brings together the continent’s best work.

This year, which has been marked by periods of political change in Brazil, we wanted to redouble our support to the region by inviting thirteen Brazilian authors to our fair to meet their Mexican readers. We are continuing to work towards closing the divide between Brazilian literature and Spanish-language readers first of all, and certainly with readers of other languages from around the world as well.

Our goal is to showcase Brazilian literature to readers in the rest of Latin America and enable their works to reach the desks of books professionals, publishers, rights agents, festival curators, and translators.

This year, some of our visiting authors will also participate in other FIL Guadalajara programs and activities, such as the Latin America Viva literary program, the International Short Story Conference, Echoes of the FIL, and Reading Pleasure Galas, where discussions with writers from other latitudes will be encouraged.

Once again, Destinação Brazil would not have been possible without support from the Brazilian Book Chamber, to whom we are very grateful for their ongoing confidence. The Ministry of Culture from the State of Sao Paulo and the 2017 Sao Paulo Literature Prize deserve a special thank you for their support in ensuring the presence of the three categories of prizewinners at this year’s FIL.

For all of those avid readers out there waiting to discover new stories, who hope that each year’s FIL will surprise them yet again; and for the professionals who are in search of business opportunities, the destination continues to be Brazil.

Laura Niembro
Content Manager