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João Paulo Cuenca



Born in Rio de Janeiro (1978). Author of four novels and a collection of chronicles. His books are translated to 8 languages, with rights sold to 11 countries. In Spanish he has El único final feliz para una historia de amor es un accidente (2012), Cuerpo presente (2016), and Descubrí que estaba muerto (2017).

He is praised as one of the best young Latin-American writers at the Hay Festival Bogotá 39. He was selected as one of the best Brazilian writers of his generation by the British magazine Granta.

J.P. Cuenca was a curator for the literary café at the Book Biennial at Bahia (2013), Book Biennial at Belo Horizonte (2014). In 2010 he worked for the literary project Amores Expresos, in which 16 Brazilian writers wrote books around 16 cities of the world.

Since 2003 he writes weekly a chronicle for Brazilian newspapers: Jornal do Brasil, O Globo, and Folha de São Paulo. Nowadays he writes a column for The Intercept Brasil, news portal lunched in 2014 by Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras.

He directed the film A morte de J.P. Cuenca (2016), related to his novel Descubrí que estaba muerto. It was screened at 15 international movie festivals, among them the Festival de Rio and São Paulo International Film Exhibition.