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Veronica Stigger



Born in 1973, in Porto Alegre, a southern city in Brazil with hot summers and cold winters. Since 2001 she lives in São Paulo. She is a writer, art critic, and professor at the university. She has a PDH in art theory and criticism (University of São Paulo). She made postdoctoral research at the Sapienza University, at the Museum of Contemporary Art (University of São Paulo), and at the Institute of Language Studies (University of Campinas).

In her books she explores different literary forms, ignoring deliberately the borders of genre. Because of that, her books are diverse: short stories, poems, theater, legends, marketing, and talks, among others. Since 2010 she makes artistic & literary interventions in collective and solo exhibitions.

She has published 12 fiction books: O trágico e outras comédias (2003), Gran Cabaret Demenzial (2007), Os anões (2010), Massamorda (2011), Delírio  de  Damasco (2012), Opisanie świata (2013), Minha novela (2013), Sur (2013), Nenhum nome é verdade (2016), Sul (2017), and the children’s books Dora e o sol (2010), and Onde a onça bebe água (2015), with Eduardo Viveiros de Castro. Opisanie świata, her first novel, received the Machado de Assis Award for best Brazilian novel of the year (by the National Library Foundation), the São Paulo Literary Award, and Açorianos.