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My relationship with literature began when I was very small, even before I learned to read. I loved listening to and inventing stories, mostly about animals. I would tell these stories to my parents on road trips. I remember that the little animals generally died at the end of each story, but were quickly brought back to life to continue the tale.

   My love for writing grew hand in hand with a love of reading. I did not imagine myself as a writer, I wanted to do theatre. But literature had a special place inside of me, it was as natural as breathing. I had not realized that it could be a professional career. When I started to study writing, the idea of being a writer became clearer. I had the crazy idea to study two majors at the same time—literature and theatre—which made me go from one extreme to the other, from one text to the other, from drama to narrative to poetry. This was until I wrote and published my first book, a collection of stories titled, A pequena morte e outras naturezas.

   Later I published the novel Mundos de Eufrásia that I worked on for six long years. When I started, I had just finished a master’s degree in creative writing. I am still interested in literature for its infinite expressive possibilities. It is fascinating how each story can be its own living entity with logic, language, structure and lifeblood.

   Later, Labirinto da palavra was published, a volume of articles and essays on literature. These following books received nominations and awards: Mundos de Eufrásia was a finalist for the São Paulo Prize for Literature in 2010 and Labirinto da palavra received the Brasilia Literary Prize in 2014 and was a finalist for the Portugal Telecom Prize for Literature. I am currently finishing my second novel, write scripts for television and am planning a short play for the theatre.

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