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I was born in Río de Janeiro in 1983, the daughter of an engineer and and architect. Although I enjoyed physical activity, I have always been different from most people from Río. Since childhood I loved antisocial hobbies, like reading and videogames. I always wanted to be a writer. After many attempts at writing a book, I finally succeeded at the age of 17, with the novel No shopping (2000), which takes place in a mall, in a style which moves back and forth between short clips and invites the reader to reflect on consumerism. The book was a great success and is currently in its third edition.

   At the age of 23 I published another novel, A feia noite (2006), a noir fiction story set in Río de Janeiro about the coexistence between a political marketer and a prostitute. I published the science fiction novel Penados y rebeldes (2006-2007) online. The original title is in Spanish, referring to the office that provides certificates of no criminal records in Spain. I won the Petrobras Literary Creation Grant to write my book of stories Amostragem complexa (2009) and again for the book-game Owned- Um novo jogador (2011). In Owned the reader chooses their path through the story, in the tradition of Cortázar and others in a playful style. It is about a young videogame enthusiast whose life begins to turn into one.

   My most recent and traditional novel is A vez de morrer (2014, Companhia das Letras) about a young woman from Río de Janeiro who begins to visit her deceased grandfather’s farm where she becomes involved in unexpected ways in local life there. The book is about the modern-day issues of revenge porn and real estate speculation.

   I am a professor of comparative literature at UERJ and began my PhD studies there, which are on games (from chess to videogames) and their relationship to literature. My stories also appear in short story anthologies. My books haven’t been published outside of Brazil, but two short stories in Spanish and one in English have. My next project is a fantastical graphic novel.

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