Guadalajara, Jalisco, August 29, 2018

Sergio López Ruelas to Receive this Year’s Tribute to a Librarian

With a career in promoting, forming and professionalizing libraries and librarians that has spanned for over three decades, past winners of the tribute acknowledge “his contributions to library science in Mexico”


“I can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t been a librarian—it’s my calling, my profession,” affirms Sergio López Ruelas, who will receive the 2018 Tribute to a Librarian at the upcoming Guadalajara International Book Fair. His long career is backed by over three decades of dedication to his greatest passion: the promotion, formation and professionalization of libraries and librarians. “I am very honored to be the library coordinator for this great institution that is the University of Guadalajara,” adding that he also organizes the International Librarians Colloquium that takes place each year during the FIL.

              Some of his greatest professional accomplishments, which an enthusiastic group of well-known librarians listed in requesting that Sergio López Ruelas be honored with this tribute that he has participated in countless times as an organizer, include establishing the second-largest network of university libraries in Mexico, “his willingness to support initiatives to strengthen libraries and the profession of librarians, as well as his contribution to the development and acknowledgement of the national library.” The document was signed by Guadalupe Carrión Rodríguez, Irma Cordera de Pérez Monroy, Micaela Chávez Villa, Irma Graciela de León, Celia Delgado Rodríguez, Porfirio Díaz Pérez, Rosa María Fernández de Zamora, Diana González Ortega, Helen Ladrón de Guevara Cox, Jesús Lau Noriega, Estela Morales Campos, Elsa Margarita Ramírez Leyva and Adolfo Rodríguez Gallardo.

             López Ruelas shared that he has been fascinated by books and literature since he was a child: “When I was eight my father took me to the Benjamin Franklin Library and I made him get a library card so that I could check out books. Years later I worked at the reference desk at this same library. For me, it was like I had won an Oscar.” He also acknowledges that we need “higher quality libraries, with better services, better materials, and better resources,” and encourages “parents to be more supportive of library spaces, to trust that they are a democratic space open to everyone.”

             Sergio López Ruelas was born on February 3, 1962 in Guadalajara. He studied his undergraduate degree in Library Sciences at the University of Guadalajara and in education and the Jalisco Normal School. He obtained a master’s degree in information science from the  University of Guanajuato and another in teaching methodologies from the University of Guadalajara. He later obtained his PhD in library sciences and information studies from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). He served as president of the National Library Board, the National Librarian’s Association and the Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean. He was named Librarian of the Year in 1997 by the Librarian’s Association of Jalisco and in 2015 received the Award for Library Service from the UNAM’s National Library Office. He currently works as Library Coordinator at the University of Guadalajara.


Tribute to a Librarian
Wednesday, November 28
12:00 to 12:50 PM
Juan Rulfo Auditorium, Ground Floor, Expo Guadalajara




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